Dragonfly AG's cloud based software platform - Crop Tracker - delivers food safety, traceability, and efficiency across your entire operation - big or small.

Established in 2005, Dragonfly Information Technologies Limited was originally a custom IT Software Design Company that worked closely with commercial clients to put together tailored software solutions. The company has continued to innovate and develop new programs to satisfy the requirements of various sectors, especially the agri-business. When the fruit, grape, and apple industry chose to modernize technology, Dragonfly stepped up with the creation of the Dragonfly AG Software Platform.

The Dragonfly AG Software Platform is the company’s flagship offering initially designed to reduce the administrative time that grape and tender fruit growers spent on documenting food safety and traceability, which included spray records, specifically to comply with federal regulations. Traceability is now a mandatory prerequisite for doing business with the large chains such as Loblaws, Sobeys, Costco and Wal-Mart who want and demand food recall capabilities and accessible records at all levels.


Fruit Tracker, Apple Tracker, Grape Tracker, and Crop Tracker are all built on Dragonfly's award-winning and internationally recognized software platform.

Dragonfly’s much improved cloud-based software version, referred to as the Dragonfly AG Software Platform, has been designed with growers, packers, distributors, industry associations, and retailers in mind. In 2014, the platform was awarded the Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence. Users of the software describe it as a purpose driven tool that will actually save time, money, and eliminate risks. The software platform is cost effective, reliable and a productivity performance solution that meets the standards set by food processors, large retail customers, and various government bodies. Traceability data includes premises identification, product identification, and supply chain movements starting with the grower and ending at the retailer to identify and resolve any food safety issue or threat before a product reaches the market, thus protecting the consumer, minimizing recall costs and any damage to the reputation and/or brand. More and more supply chain members, across all segments and levels, are making it a top business priority to adopt this technology. They have chosen Dragonfly AG as their partner in developing the ideal solution by conducting several pilot programs and listening to marketplace feedback. Dragonfly AG is now a multi-dimensional solutions company focused on the agri-business offering:

  • Industry Leading Software Platform
  • Progressive Hardware Technology
  • Integration Consulting

Dragonfly AG has a growing team of highly skilled, passionate IT professionals and field support associates who deliver quality cloud-based software, hardware, and technology consultation services for clients involved in the fruit, apple, and grape food supply chain. Execution risk has been clearly identified as a reality as experienced by the field (growers, associations, and distributors) and ongoing requests for customized IT Consulting - Guidance services has the ability to facilitate a smoother transition. Our entire team has a mandate to meet the expectations of today and tomorrow by improving operational efficiencies, reducing costs, managing risks, and enhancing the brand proposition for each stakeholder in the food supply channel!

As Matt Deir, Dragonfly Founder & President enthusiastically states,

"It is rewarding when we have dialogue with a grower, food processor or distributor who can specifically substantiate the return on investment after using some or all of our solutions. Every operation is different, but we now have a clear sense of the common agri-business models and priorities. Also, it is satisfying to hear from our growers and distributors when they have official visits from national retailer executives who comment on how impressed they are with the software and its contribution to food safety and traceability."

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Dragonfly AG’s Commitment

Dragonfly AG is committed to providing the highest quality support tools and services to our clients and industry associations in Canada and selected international markets. Developing and maintaining relationships will continue to be the foundation of our business platform.

  • Producing agriculture focused cloud-based software solutions that are supported with guidance, training, and hardware sourcing to facilitate a smooth Information Technology transition for our valued users and clients
  • Supporting the implementation of risk management priorities (i.e. spray record-keeping, scouting, food safety & traceability) and production performance management (i.e. costing, harvest event monitoring, quality control, supply forecasting, crop quality grading) thereby leveraging systematic decision-making procedures
  • Delivering a customer-focused solution for software and hardware with authentic and meaningful support to help users achieve their deliverables and business excellence
  • Supporting regional growers, agriculture industry associations, packers, cooperatives, and distributors to meet retailer standards and expectations
  • Investing in new product development and innovative initiatives that deliver future value -- converting to a sustainable competitive advantage for users and clients

Dragonfly AG’s account management team welcomes the opportunity to meet with you at your convenience to discuss your current situation and requirements. Please initiate contact with Matt Deir, Founder & President at our corporate office @ 613-767-9961 (ext 200) or email

Fruit Tracker / Apple Tracker / Grape Tracker / Crop Tracker

Dragonfly AG has worked closely with the progressive growers, industry associations, food supply chain members to develop and refine of our cloud-based software solution. The Dragonfly AG Software Platform is available online and continues to be embraced by growers, packers, cooperatives and distributors. These progressive entrepreneurs have the added support of national retailers who are endorsing supply chain members using this technology. A series of pilot programs has been (and continues to be) implemented to test software enhancements, new report formats in an effort to substantiate the return on investment (ROI) for our clients.

The platform has become a powerful cloud-based software solution which traces farm block data and stores the information in a centralized location. This information can then be accessed by the grower, distributor, or retailer when and if required. Tracking what has happened, is happening, and will likely happen improves communication throughout the food supply chain, facilitating better decisions, identifying food supply chain priorities, and improving risk management. The software platform integrates easily into the agri-business operations involved with grapes and tender fruit. It has been referred to as a “hero solution”, reducing data entry time, report creation time, and improving operational knowledge. Real time reporting enables quick and accurate decision making to eliminate or minimize production risks.

Also, extensive involvement by the Ontario Tender Fruit Producers, Ontario Apple Growers, and The Grape Growers of Ontario has provided a valuable perspective. Matt Deir, Dragonfly’s President states,

"It has been inspiring to witness how associations have taken a leadership role by working hard for their members and accessing government financial support to launch the software. The Dragonfly AG Software Platform is being used in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Quebec, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Also, international interest has come from as far away as New Zealand and Australia. We are interested in expanding our Canadian users and intrigued with some selected international markets. The software platform has been designed to automatically scale in the cloud, and our corporate capacity, including staff additions will now support new user growth."

The Dragonfly AG Software Platform utilizes Agri-corp mapping which efficiently integrates data with Canada Gap reporting which helps auditors by reducing the time and cost to conduct an audit. Growers are now able to generate cost of production reports by block, create production practice modules, integrate weather data, and monitor harvesting, packing and shipping events. The software helps growers maintain accurate records of production, food and worker safety, and pest control elevating the value proposition for processors and distributors leading to increased confidence from national retail buyers.

The seamless integration of Agri-corp’s GPS mapping has worked extremely well with the software platform which offers a secure login process and drop-down menu to access records for pest management from Publication 360, including chemical name, formulation, rates, and insects being targeted. Growers add specific data related to a spray event which triggers an automatic email alert notifying farm workers when it is safe to re-enter that block and when the grower can harvest that area. Users are then able to access or share their private information when and if necessary.