Work with our team to innovate solutions for your unique challenges - from hardware to software, processes to data analytics & geomatics - Dragonfly AG can help.

Are you confident that you’re adequately prepared for a software or hardware change?

Change can be challenging. Our business model has been designed for those who require objective and trusted guidance on IT challenges, issues, and learning new technology. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with having the right consulting guidance to support the transition of any new piece of software or hardware. Like your organization, Dragonfly AG is tackling how agri-businesses can be more productive, while addressing some of the pressing food safety and traceability challenges.

Many forces influence software and hardware system decisions. Each agri-business operation has different resources, systems, IT aptitudes, and decision-making styles. Early adopters and progressive thinkers continue to rank this service as a high priority. When Dragonfly AG is engaged as IT consultants, our talent roster will provide, maintain, and safeguard digital information systems with a cost effective approach utilizing existing or new software & hardware. We offer a customized discussion document or proposal based on individual operation circumstances. Therefore, each client receives an individually designed mandate so that expectations, results, and the ROI targets are achieved. Our professional approach and client support will create permanent positive change in your agri-business operation to validate the investment.

Dragonfly AG has go-to-market experience in implementing products like Fruit Tracker, RFID systems, weather station integration, and other technologies. We know that creating effective change is not a turn-key process and requires training, support, and discipline. We remind our prospects and clients that value is the perception of how much a customer actually benefits from the amount of time and resources invested in a consulting mandate. Demonstrating the value of our offering is one of our strengths. We have the bandwidth and expertise to transfer the knowledge and skills to your operation and staff.

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Circumstances Inspire a Solution

Each consulting mandate involves the participation of the agri-business operation which will influence the specific solution to be presented for your consideration. This facilitates some "forced thinking" by the client into the process before a customized plan is presented. Our team is flexible and can manage all the details of a transition or we can be tactic specific including the integration of existing technology with our solutions and the purchase of software and hardware or deliver a turnkey solution. This is commonly referred to as "Buy-it-Yourself" (BIY) or "Do it For My Business" (DIFMB). Either option allows management and staff to focus on other important operational priorities while the transition is being coordinated or supported by the Dragonfly AG Team.

In every situation, our client’s values and expectations will be part of the discussions and influence how the file is approached. Sometimes, clients want us to involve stakeholders who are outside of their operation but will be influenced by the operational changes. Project deliverables and expectations are documented for all parties to refer to during the engagement.

When Dragonfly AG is engaged as your Consultants, our role is to provide hardware and software technical knowledge that can be integrated with proven agriculture processes. Our structured guidance substantiates value and minimizes the frustration of change (there will be some).

Benefits of enhanced Information Technology Infrastructure include:

  • Reduced cost of production and product quality forecasting
  • Improved staff engagement, systems compliance, safety and production output
  • Advanced market acceptance by retailers with compliance and operation efficiencies
  • Enhanced communication upstream or downstream in the food supply chain
  • Committed high volume contracts to distributors and retailers
  • Integrated platform for an effective and fast food recall
  • Improved risk management when incidents and food recalls occur
  • Enhanced data systems leading to timely decisions and improved management processes
  • Coordinated project management to facilitate a smooth IT transition from start to finish
  • Experienced guidance in converting visions into reality with efficient and proven processes
  • Forced thinking to address risk management and the uncertainty of a future outcome

Dragonfly AG’s account management team welcomes the opportunity to meet with you at your convenience to discuss your current situation and requirements. Please initiate contact with Matt Deir, Founder & President at our corporate office @ 613-767-9961 (ext 200) or email